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Our Services

System Audits

Full Consulting Services

Audits of Existing Systems - Customers looking for clarification of what they actually have, recommendations on what they need to repair or replace, and further suggestions for improving efficiency and comfort going forward.

Full BAS Consulting Services - We will help bridge the gap between engineers and the owner so everyone is on the same page, we help customers to make sure they are being heard and understood. Tell us what you want and we will work with all parties involved to make sure you are satisfied.

Service Existing BAS

Integrate Multiple Platforms

Current Automation Servicing - Let us handle your existing BAS system and needs : We collect analytic data for use in optimizing system operation, maintain backups and history archives, manage licensing and upgrades to all BMS related software and devices.

Full Integration - Combine programming from multiple control systems into one seamless user interface, integrate a variety of 'Legacy' building management protocols without having to replace, integrate third party devices such as chillers, VFDs, generators, and lighting.

New BAS Installations

Retrofit/Renovation Projects

New BAS Controls Projects - BAS controls design, submittals, installation, commissioning, assist with other contractors, owner training.

We regularly bid on public and private sector projects as well as a fair amount of direct to owner projects.

Retrofits and Renovations - Need to update old systems but don't have it in the budget to do a complete replacement?  We can perform a piece by piece upgrade while maintaining your existing outdated system until the whole system has been updated.

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