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About Us

AYSR Consulting Services, Inc. / AYSR Controls

(pronounced "Ace-er")

Is a Woman-Owned and Operated Business Enterprise

AYSR is owned, controlled, and operated by its founder who has almost 30 years experience in the Building Automation System Controls industry (BAS). 


AYSR was formed with one idea in mind, "Paying Attention to the Little Things, They Make the Biggest Difference".  It's the details, that when implemented correctly, save companies thousands of dollars.  We truly believe in this motto, in fact, AYSR  is actually an acronym for "Ask and You Shall Receive".

Image by Corinne Kutz


This means, unlike other companies that are mechanical contractor first and controls integrator second, AYSR focuses on Specialization, Integration, Installation, and Engineering  of Building Automation Control Systems exclusively.  We focus on the areas of New BAS Installation for New Construction, Servicing Existing BAS Customers, Retrofitting Outdated BAS Controls, and Integrating Multiple Control Systems Into One Common User Interface.

Controls are what AYSR does best. While most control systems are created equal, Controls Engineers are not. Programming matters, experience matters, attention to details matters. It makes the difference between optimal building efficiency, comfort, and control... or the lack thereof.


If you are looking for a versatile building automation controls company, that isn't locked into just one controls provider, we would love to be your controls company. 

AYSR Consulting Services / AYSR Controls services Southern Florida with a presence in the ​Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami, and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between temperature control and a full BAS system?
    Simple 'temperature control' systems are not much different than your thermostat in your home. The equipment will cycle based on how close the space temperature is to the set point you decide. Usually these types of units are standalone. 'Building Automation Systems (BAS)' are a set of interconnected devices that manage the inputs and outputs of a building's energy systems (HVAC, Lighting, Electrical, Plumbing, Security, etc). Building Automation Systems have one primary goal – Energy Management. Correctly managing the energy utilization of a building benefits all users of a facility.
  • What is 'Open Source'?
    Versatility to choose a collection of best in class open protocol products using LonWorks, BACnet, ModBus and OPC based products. This allows AYSR to create a seamless user interface that doesn't care what control protocol you have in your buildings. This also allows you as the customer the flexibility to bring in another contractor if you are dissatisfied with AYSR's work. You are not 'locked in' to using us if we don't perform to your satisfaction.
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